Kedarnath: Your Ultimate Travel Guide 2023.

Kedarnath, One of the most amazing Char Dham sites in India. In addition to the glittering river, the lush green valley with the flowers fluttering, and the calming, quiet sky above the head, this site is explicitly magnificent. It is the residence of the all-powerful Lord Shiva and is surrounded by lovely mountains.

The beautiful temple, which is 3581 meters above sea level and situated in a serene atmosphere, was constructed in the eighth century by Adi Shankaracharya. Kedarnath is the finest spot to explore and discover inner serenity. Planning a calm and day-wise journey is therefore vital if you want to take full advantage of the site’s splendor.

Ideal Season to Visit

The weather is harsh, surrounded by mountains covered in ice. Therefore, check the weather and temperature once before you decide to travel to Kedarnath.

The finest months to visit Kedarnath are from September to October and May to June, when the weather is calm. The ice is melting during this time, but the rain hasn’t yet started. Between 5 and 18 degrees Celsius are the temperatures. Due to winter, the temple is always closed from November through March.

How To Get From Delhi To Kedarnath 

Advance Through

To begin with, I’d suggest an excellent decision if you intend to travel by car from Delhi to the Kedarnath temple through the appealing highlands of Uttarakhand. Second, the drive is not difficult; you might not even require a driver. When we arrived at Phata, we immediately regretted having hired a driver. Why? As a result of the relatively smooth roads, this is not a challenging road journey like the one we took to Sangla. Additionally, if there are four of you traveling and you’re taking a sedan or hatchback, I’d advise against the driver because it would be very uncomfortable.

Employing A Cab?

You don’t want to drive? A taxi, particularly an SUV, is a better option. However, the cost of a taxi from Delhi to Kedarnath is absurd. Each day costs 5000 yen, with a minimum 5-day excursion, according to the taxi drivers. This relates specifically to the quest for dhams in Uttarakhand, which, in my opinion, exploits travelers. These operators only charge the usual fee when hiring a cab for any other location: 10 cents per km for a sedan and 14–15 cents per km for an SUV.

The Follow-Up?

Hire a car from Zoomcar; they offer self-drive automobiles at a low cost and allow you to hire a driver separately. All of this will be considerably less expensive than calling a cab from a local cab company. helps you save money and lets you travel without difficulties.

Community Transport

When we don’t want to drive or use a cab, the public transportation system saves the day. It is advised to take a rest at Rishikesh or Haridwar because the trip is lengthy. By stopping in Rishikesh, you can take advantage of the tranquil day by the Ganges and the town’s spiritual vibe. Additionally, there is a registration desk in Rishikesh for Kedarnath, which is not required but advised. The government can keep track of the number of visitors thanks to this registration. Therefore, don’t forget to register close to Rishikesh’s bus stop.


From Delhi, you can take a train to Haridwar or Rishikesh. Get a good night’s rest before beginning a lengthy road journey the following day. In such a case, don’t forget to pack the necessities from my list of the absolute must-haves for a road trip.


Excellent and frequent bus service is available from Delhi to Haridwar and/or Rishikesh. If you’re traveling in the summer, from May to June, I’d advise getting a Volvo to help you beat the heat.

How should the trip from Haridwar/Rishikesh to Kedarnath proceed?

Once more, there are two ways to get from Haridwar or Rishikesh to Kedarnath. You can continue your journey in comfort by hiring a cab from a nearby cab company. Remember that these are not inexpensive given that it takes only a few months for their business to take off during peak season.

The second choice is to board a bus at the main bus station in Rishikesh or Haridwar. This is the least comfortable method to get to Kedarnath because there are no/few possibilities for a Volvo bus. It goes without saying that the detours and turns through extreme heat until Rudraprayag will make your journey more difficult. Furthermore, the Buses Occasionally Travel Recklessly, Which May Not Be Appropriate For Cautious Persons.

Arrangements For Ending The Journey


On the route to Kedarnath from Delhi, Haridwar is the place that is the closest. You will be mesmerized by this place, the land of the Ganges, and the spiritual atmosphere. You can tour the temples and attend the well-known Ganges River morning and evening aartis while staying here overnight. The Hindu religion advises taking a bath in the Ganges to wash away your sins. Remember that weekends & during high season the river bed can get very crowded. There are many hotels and hostels in this area, some of which have affordable rates.


a well-known tourist spot close to Delhi that is well-known for its whitewater rafting and the Ram and Laxman Jhoola (Bridge). Stopping here has the benefit of allowing you to sign up for the Kedarnath Trek and participate in adventure sports. Rishikesh is an excellent pit break because room rentals are inexpensive and hostels are also available for lone visitors. And don’t forget to visit the renowned Beatles Ashram while in Rishikesh.


Unknown to many, Devprayag is the birthplace of the Ganges. It is a location where the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers converge to form a single river. The finest aspect of this convergence is how two rivers, one pure and the other filthy, combine to become the river we know as The Ganges. You can spend the night here, get a close-up view of the merging, and then resume your trek the following morning. Even so, keep in mind that this isn’t a mountain town and that May through July brings quite high temperatures.


People have asked me if this is the same Srinagar in Kashmir, but it’s not. Although it is a small town in Uttarakhand, it is well-developed compared to the other villages we passed on the route. Rent a room here, ideally one with air conditioning because it’s hot here, and stay the night. If you’re driving, top off the gas tank, withdraw money from one of the many ATMs nearby, and pack some additional munchies for the remainder of the trip. Filling up the tank will be a wise decision because there is occasionally a petrol shortage close to Kedarnath. At least three gas stations required us to skip them, and the fourth required us to wait more than 30 minutes in line.


Like Srinagar, Rudraprayag is a small town that has seen development. It is preferable to rent a lodging here if you also intend to visit Badrinath. This intersection separates the routes to Kedarnath and Badrinath.

Final Words

I hope I’ve covered all the bases for you as you prepare for your trip from Delhi to Kedarnath. Do you still have any questions that I haven’t addressed? Please ask your question in the comment section below, and I will respond.

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