Denver Delights: Top Things to Do in Colorado

Due to its location one mile above sea level, Denver is known as Mile High City (how convenient is that?). It is one of the tallest cities in the US. The Rocky Mountains in the city’s west background provide an absolutely spectacular contrast to its location in the High Plains and South Plateau River Valley in the east. There are lots of museums and other things available for individuals who want to spend their time introspectively. Let’s examine all the available possibilities.

The best part is that Denver is a city you can visit on a lengthy journey to experience all of Colorado’s epics. By doing this, you will be able to take advantage of the beautiful road in a few days to take in the city’s splendor. Just picture yourself exploring the area with your family. Not bad at all, Huh? Therefore, simply go to the official Delta Airlines website to book your flights online and save up to 40% on each reservation to your preferred locations. Make a reservation today and be ready to explore Denver alone.

Highlighting the Top Denver Attractions You Must Add

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Without a question, driving the Mount Evans Scenic Byway should be on your bucket list. The road’s highest point is 14,130 feet above sea level, making it the tallest paved road in North America. There are also many viewpoint locations where you may enjoy the breath-taking view of the Rockies. Keep on the path up to the peak. Take it softly and slowly while you take in the breathtaking scenery, especially around Echo Lake Park. You know what else? Additionally, there are picnic areas and hiking routes in the park.

Washington Park 

Looking for Denver free activities? Put this park at the top of your list of Denver attractions as a favor to yourself. You can enjoy many inexpensive yet unforgettable experiences in this park because of its kilometers of walking routes, two enormous lakes, and exquisite gardens. Take to the park’s walking routes or simply unwind on the straight grass there. Additionally, there are 8 tennis courts, boat rentals, and an entertainment center. Just bear in mind that while some amenities have relatively minimal entry costs, entry to the park is free.

Denver Zoo

One of the best family-friendly things to do in Denver is a visit to this zoological park. The zoo offers instructive lectures and programmes about the animals in addition to having healthy and lovely ones. Visit the Hunter Ridge to see lions, hyenas, and African dogs in their natural habitat. There are many monkeys playing from tree branches in the primate panorama.

Art Museum

Move towards the direction of DAM if it is raining or cold in the Mile High City. The museum is well known for both its majestic architecture and its collections of western and Native American art. Between the West Coast and Chicago, it has one of the finest art collections.

16th Street Mall

Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles is compared to Deaver’s 18th Street Mall. This strip is a great spot for wandering and shopping at any time of day because it has a wide selection of entertainment venues, dining options, and retail establishments. You don’t have to take a lengthy shopping stroll. People can watch, stroll here, or enjoy window shopping for everyone’s favorite price of zero dollars.

Museum of Nature & Science 

The planetarium presentations, Egyptian mummies, and dinosaur bones of this museum may all be seen close to the kiddos. In addition, it offers programmes and artifacts that instruct visitors about astronomy, paleontology, zoology, and anthropology.

Explore this museum for a few hours or all day. The wildlife exhibit, which features a wide variety of creatures from around the world, is our favorite presentation here.

Colfax Field

This stadium is the only place to watch a baseball game. You can test your pitching and hitting abilities at the on-site interactive area. On the 38000 square foot viewing deck of the stadium, you may enjoy the regional brewer. If you can’t afford a plane trip, we advise spending 70 minutes at the stadium.

The Union Station in Denver 

A well-known landmark and important transit hub is Union Station. The station, which is lauded for its Beaux-Arts grandeur, also houses the Crawford Hotel, as well as stores, pubs, and ten fantastic restaurants. Take a Union Station tour with a guide. The hour-long tour, which is run by the Crawford Hotel, highlights the station’s shops, transport, culture, and history.

Museum of Clyfford Still

Although the Clifford well Museum is immediately adjacent to the enormously popular Denver Art Museum, it is well worth your time to visit this Colorado city. You may learn a lot about how an artistic movement can grow and change through time at the Colorado Museum.  This museum is small and feels like a special, private experience that you can enjoy without being seen by others, in contrast to many more packed museums.

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Final Words

By the time you reach the end of this article, we want to have exposed you to all the top activities and attractions in Denver that you simply must include on your itinerary. Why are you holding out? The best to-do list is the one you have there. Visit AirlinesMap, the most popular online travel resource, to select the top travel deal for your upcoming trip to Denver, Colorado!

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