Travel Guide to Cusco: Exploring the Heart of the Andes

Cusco, often spelled as Cuzco, is a captivating city nestled in the heart of the Andes Mountains, offering travelers a unique blend of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. As the former capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco is steeped in rich heritage and boasts remarkable archaeological sites, vibrant markets, and a lively atmosphere. In this travel guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of your visit to Cusco, including how many days are enough to explore, the best ways to navigate the city, essential tips before your journey, and the current safety situation.

How Many Days in Cusco are Enough?

Determining the ideal duration for your stay in Cusco largely depends on your interests and the activities you wish to undertake. However, we recommend spending at least 3 to 4 days in the city to fully immerse yourself in its charm and explore its many wonders. Here’s a suggested itinerary:

Day 1: Discovering Historic Cusco

Morning: Begin your journey by exploring the historic center of Cusco, known as the Plaza de Armas. Admire the stunning colonial architecture and visit the Cathedral of Santo Domingo.

Afternoon: Dive into Cusco’s history with a visit to Qorikancha, the Inca Sun Temple, and the San Pedro Market, where you can sample local cuisine.

Evening: Stroll through the cobblestone streets, and enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants offering Peruvian cuisine.

Day 2: Exploring Inca Ruins

Morning: Take a day trip to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Visit the archaeological sites of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, and learn about Inca engineering marvels.

Afternoon: Return to Cusco and explore the Sacsayhuaman fortress and its massive stone structures.

Evening: Enjoy a traditional Andean dinner and a folkloric show.

Day 3: The Wonder of Machu Picchu

Morning: Embark on an unforgettable journey to Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Explore the ancient citadel with a guided tour.

Afternoon: Return to Cusco in the evening and relax after a long day of exploration.

Day 4: Cultural Experiences

Morning: Visit the colorful neighborhood of San Blas, known for its artisan workshops and bohemian atmosphere. Explore local art and crafts.

Afternoon: Attend a weaving workshop to learn about traditional Andean textile techniques.

Evening: Reflect on your journey and enjoy a farewell dinner.

This 4-day itinerary offers a well-rounded experience of Cusco’s highlights, but if you have more time, consider adding extra days for further exploration, treks, or visits to nearby attractions like Rainbow Mountain or the Amazon Rainforest.

What is the Best Way to Explore Cusco?

Cusco is a city best explored on foot, allowing you to soak in the historical ambiance and discover hidden gems in its narrow streets. Here are some of the best ways to navigate Cusco:

  1. Walking Tours:

Guided walking tours are an excellent way to explore Cusco’s historic center and nearby archaeological sites. Knowledgeable guides can provide valuable insights into the city’s history and culture.


  1. Taxi and Ride-Sharing Services:

Taxis and ride-sharing apps like Uber are readily available in Cusco. They offer convenience and safety when traveling to more distant locations or when you’re tired after a day of exploration.

  1. Public Transportation:

Cusco has a public bus system that can be used for short trips within the city. It’s a budget-friendly option but may not be as convenient for tourists.

  1. Trekking and Hiking:

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, consider trekking or hiking through the surrounding landscapes. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a world-famous trek, but there are plenty of other options for all fitness levels.

  1. Bicycle Rentals:

Renting a bicycle can be a fun way to explore the city and its outskirts. Cusco offers bike rental shops, and you can pedal your way through its picturesque streets.

What Do I Need to Know Before Going to Cusco?

Before embarking on your journey to Cusco, here are some essential tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit:

  1. Altitude Considerations:

Cusco is located at a high altitude of approximately 3,400 meters (11,150 feet) above sea level. Altitude sickness can affect some visitors, so it’s essential to acclimatize gradually. Avoid strenuous activities upon arrival, stay hydrated, and consider consulting a healthcare professional about altitude medication.

  1. Weather:

Cusco experiences distinct wet and dry seasons. The dry season, from May to September, is generally the best time to visit when the weather is pleasant. However, pack layers and be prepared for temperature fluctuations, as temperatures can drop significantly at night.

  1. Currency:

The official currency of Peru is the Peruvian Sol (PEN). It’s advisable to carry some local currency for small purchases, but credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants, and shops.

  1. Language:

While Spanish is the official language, many people in the tourism industry speak English. Learning a few basic Spanish phrases can enhance your experience and interactions with locals.

  1. Safety:

It is considered safe for tourists, but like any city, it’s essential to exercise caution. Keep an eye on your belongings, avoid displaying valuable items, and be cautious when using ATMs.

  1. Vaccinations:

Check with your healthcare provider about recommended vaccinations before traveling to Peru. Vaccines for diseases like hepatitis A, typhoid, and yellow fever may be advised, depending on your travel plans.

Is It Safe to Travel to Cusco Right Now?

Cusco and the surrounding areas were considered safe for travelers. However, travel conditions and safety can change over time, so it’s crucial to stay informed about the current situation before planning your trip.

To ensure your safety:

Check Travel Advisories: Consult your country’s government travel website for the latest travel advisories and safety recommendations for Peru.

Local Advice: When in Cusco, it’s wise to seek advice from local authorities, your accommodation staff, or tour operators about any safety concerns or areas to avoid.

Travel Insurance: Consider purchasing comprehensive travel insurance that covers unforeseen events, including medical emergencies and trip cancellations.

Final Words

It is a remarkable destination that offers a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Spending at least 3 to 4 days in the city allows you to explore its rich heritage, stunning landscapes, and unique experiences. To make the most of your trip, follow the recommended ways to explore the city, and be well-prepared with essential information before you go. Always stay informed about the current travel conditions

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