Price Guide for Seine River Cruise Tickets in Paris 2023

An In-Depth Look at Seine River Cruise Ticket Prices in Paris in 2023! In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about taking a boat down the famed Seine River in the lovely city of Paris.

The Seine River is a world-renowned canal that delicately flows through the center of Paris, providing beautiful views of some of the city’s most recognizable buildings, including the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum, among others. A Seine River tour is an excellent way to see the beauty, charm, and history of the City of Lights from a different angle.

This article will be your go-to reference for understanding the many ticket options available for Seine River cruises as you plan your trip to Paris in 2023. We will look at the many cruise lines, the numerous types of cruises available, the length of each trip, and, most importantly, the ticket pricing connected with these experiences.

Paris has a variety of Seine River cruises to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. There is a cruise option for everyone, whether you want a romantic evening cruise under the stars, a relaxing midday excursion to soak up the city’s ambiance, or a guided tour to learn about Paris’ rich history.

We will provide up-to-date information on ticket prices, special packages, and any discounts or promotions that may be available in 2023 throughout this guide. Please bear in mind, however, that pricing and offers are subject to change, so we recommend double-checking the information closer to your departure date.

So, let us delve into the captivating world of Seine River cruises in Paris, discover the charming views along the riverbanks, and pick the perfect cruise that meets your desires and budget for an amazing experience in the lovely city of Paris. Best wishes!

Let’s have a look at the many types of Seine River cruises offered in Paris in 2023
Classic Sightseeing Cruise

These cruises last approximately one hour and provide an excellent perspective of Paris’s most iconic locations along the Seine River. You’ll get to view the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Musée d’Orsay, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and more.

Lunch or Dinner Cruises

If you want to have a delicious meal while floating the Seine, lunch and dinner cruises are ideal. These cruises frequently include a gourmet lunch with the option of a multi-course menu as well as refreshments.

Sunset or evening cruises

Discover the enchantment of Paris as the city lights up at sunset or at night. Evening cruises offer a romantic and captivating ambiance, making them ideal for couples looking for an unforgettable experience.

Guided Historical Cruises

For history buffs, guided cruises provide an opportunity to learn about Paris’ rich cultural legacy and architectural marvels. As you pass by major landmarks, knowledgeable guides share fascinating insights into the city’s history.

Ticket Prices for 2023

Classic Sightseeing Cruise:

  • Standard Ticket: €15 – €25
  • Premium/VIP Ticket: €30 – €5o

Lunch or Dinner Cruise:

  • Lunch Cruise (2-3 hours): €50 – €80
  • Dinner Cruise (2-3 hours): €80 – €150 (prices may be higher for special occasions or holidays)

Sunset or Evening Cruise:

  • Standard Ticket: €20 – €35
  • Premium/VIP Ticket: €40 – €60

Guided Historical Cruise:

  • Standard Ticket: €25 – €40
  • Premium/VIP Ticket: €45 – €70
The best suggestions for purchasing tickets for a Seine River Cruise in Paris

Types of Seine River Cruises: For the time being, forget about ticket pricing. First, you should be aware of the many sorts of Seine River cruises offered. Sightseeing cruises are available. On lunch or supper cruises, you can enjoy your journey, and on champagne or wine-tasting cruises, you can enjoy the exquisite aroma of French champagne or wine. Each Seine River boat is the ideal opportunity to experience Paris in a completely new light, and each voyage offers something wonderful and unique.

Ticket Prices and Options: The beauty of a cruise trip is that you may choose what type of cruise ride you want if you know what you want. When organizing your trip, the cost of a Seine River cruise is only one element to consider. Consider the type of cruise you want, the amenities such as food and beverages, the duration, and the service providers. An overview of the general pricing ranges is shown below:

Final Words

Remember to savor every second of your Seine River trip and document your wonderful recollections of Paris in 2023! Best wishes!

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