How to Travel Around Phuket- A Travel Guide 2023

Phuket, one of Thailand’s top beach vacation destinations, draws honeymooners and travelers from all over the world. With so many cultural and recreational attractions to discover, a vacation in it should not be limited to the beaches. It is one of the country’s largest travel centers, and for the unfamiliar, traveling around this bustling island may seem daunting. Here are the best ways to get about Phuket, from hiring a private car to taking public transportation.

Exploring Phuket through

There are numerous transportation alternatives accessible to explore Phuket, one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, and its attractions. This overview provides an overview of it’s numerous modes of transportation and their usefulness for tourists:

  1. Establish a Convenient Base

Having a base in a strategic location of town is one of the simplest ways to make exploring, a hassle-free experience. Those staying at Travelodge Phuket Town or any other conveniently located family hotel in it have a definite edge over those staying at more isolated resorts, particularly when it comes to sightseeing. Regardless of the on-site services provided by your hotel, it is still critical to examine its location and closeness to bus terminals and other transportation hubs. Apart from the beach, it is also advantageous to stay near some of the island’s most prominent temples and cultural sites.

  1. Airport Transportation

When visitors arrive at the island’s airport, they will notice a swarm of taxis parked outside the Arrivals lounge. Although some of these taxis may have arrived to pick up guests heading to a specific hotel, the majority will be minibusses and escorted vehicles. Those looking to rent a car or another type of vehicle can do so outside the airport. Tourists who take a taxi from the airport should make sure the car is metered, but expect to pay more than in Phuket Town. Those traveling with significant amounts of luggage will have to hire a cab to get to their accommodation because there are no bus or train options for airport transfers in it.

  1. Buses Transportation

Local buses and songthaews are easy to board from the sidewalks of most major highways in Phuket and are considered the most cost-effective way to move from point A to point B while on vacation in Phuket. These are perfect for short-distance transport and shopping tours on the island, and the prices are minimal at best. Songthaews have lots of space in the back because they are converted pick-up trucks with two wooden benches at the bank. Riders of songthaews and buses must have modest bills on them to pay for the transfer. The biggest advantage of using a bus or songthaew is the ability to get on and off at will.

  1. Phuket Taxis

While cab travel is not the most cost-effective way to visit Phuket, it is occasionally required during a vacation in it. Prior to landing in it, it is critical to download the taxi booking applications available in Thailand, as these provide access to metered taxis at cheap rates. Due to their expensive pricing, taxi fleets belonging to resorts and high-end hotels should be avoided at all costs.

5th. Tuk-Tuk

Three-wheelers or tuk-tuks may be found all across it, yet this means of transportation is not cheap for most visitors unless they discover a metered vehicle. Those visiting it for the first time should take a tuk-tuk ride for cultural value, while others can employ three-wheeler transportation for short rides through Phuket Town and to neighboring beaches. Never travel in an unmetered three-wheeler since the drivers will not only overcharge you but will also take you to shops and other destinations in order to collect a commission.

  1. Ferries and boats

It’s coastal location allows for island hopping and boat trips to adjacent sites. Long-tail boats or speed boats can carry you to surrounding islands like the Phi Phi Islands, Phang Nga Bay, or Krabi. There are also ferry services to destinations such as Phuket Town and other adjacent islands.

  1. Grab and Ride-Hailing Apps

In it, Grab, a popular ride-hailing app in Southeast Asia, operates. You can arrange rides with set fares using the app, assuring transparency and simplicity. It should be noted that Grab services may not be available in all areas of it, especially in outlying or less touristic places.

Final Thoughts

It is critical to arrange your transportation ahead of time, taking into account issues such as convenience, cost, and safety. Depending on your interests and the destinations you want to visit, combining several modes of transportation may be the best solution. When moving about it, always prioritize your safety, observe local legislation, and be mindful of your surroundings.

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