• 4th QUARTER 2017

    1.The Founder Conceived the idea of Tripago A decentralized Travel Platforms

    2.ERC20 standard got finalized for the token.

    3.Website and Dashboard development began.

  • 1st QUARTER 2018

    1.Initial team Joined for success of the project from various cultures

    2.MPV demo App development started .

    3.Research & discussion for Potential partnership with Mobile Operators/travel agencies/Airlines/Adventure Sports companies/Hotel chains/Spa/Restaurants/Bars/Cab Companies/Tourist companies began

    4.Marketing strategy was formed to Launch ICO.

  • 2nd QUARTER 2018

    1.Launch of Initial Coin Offering .

    2.Close off ICO

    3.TPG Transfer to participants in ETH Wallet

    4.Listing on 2-3 major Exchanges to ensure quick trading of Coins

    5.Partnership with travel agency and F&B Chains.

    6.Partnership with leading travel companies for acceptance of TPG in their transaction for various services on special rates .

  • 3rd QUARTER 2018

    1.Release of TPG card with one of the leading global service provider (master/mastero) to be used on more than 10,000 outlets in most visiting tourist destination

    2.Partnership with global mobile operators and internet service providers for realizing One World One Sim and free wi-fi connectivity during domestic & international vacations

    3.Launch of Tripago Mobile & Desktop App to access world class amenities with TPG token

    4.Integration of Loyalty programme to reward frequent users.

  • 4th QUARTER 2018

    1.Establishing 24x7 customer care support for all travel needs for Tripago users

    2.Partnership with various Forex Exchanges for exchange of currency on major Airports beginning with South East Asia & Europe

  • 1st QUARTER 2019

    1. Integration with major travel websites to except TPG token for travel services.

    2.Smart contracts for tours and activities, car rentals, etc.

  • 4th QUARTER 2019

    1.Tripago partnership to be executed in top 50 rank travel destinations across Globe.